Resource Centres - Home Science Laboratory

Home Science is an umbrella term for a field of Applied Sciences, made up of Food and Nutrition, Resource Management, Human Development, Textiles and Clothing, Communication and Extension. A study of Home Science helps in the understanding of self, people and the various social, emotional and biological factors necessary for survival. Our School truly believes that Home Science Education provides an opportunity for our students to acquire knowledge and skills that will empower them to become effective citizens of the 21st century. We have a separate laboratory which is fully equipped with the latest cooking resources used for our Home Science and Culinary Skills activity under the SUPW programme. It is a well ventilated, clean, hygienic and safe place where our students gets hands-on experiences of an innovative curriculum.
The objectives of our Home Science programme are as listed below:
• To promote problem solving abilities through constructive thinking.
• To enhance communication skills and better human relationships.
• To enhance entrepreneurial skills for professional careers.
• To provide valuable real life experiences and train pupils with self -help skills.