Resource Centres - Performing Arts Rooms

Dance Room - Nritya Vatika

A dance room with a wooden flooring and mirrored wall is available to the students with an option of learning various forms of dance. Our dance teacher is not only an expert in various forms of dances ranging from classical dance like Bharatnatyam to Western forms like Jazz and Salsa but also a choreographer par excellence and the ideal teacher to bring out the creative best in her young students.

Music Room Vocal - Swarangan

Music Room Instrumental - Vadyavrinda

Music is the language of the soul and through appreciation of music we can discover the self within oneself. To facilitate this we have separate music rooms for vocal and instrumental teaching at the school. Our music department is graced by creative and talented teachers who can inspire their students and ensure that every child inculcates a love for music and retains the same for a lifetime. The instrumental section includes the keyboard and tabla.