Know Us - Parent Organisation

The Pawar Public Charitable Trust, is an organisation that focuses on the needs of the under priviliged sections of society. In the past the trust has been known for their supportive activities in the form of donations,sponsorships and schloarships to the needy and the under priviliged.The trust is also involved in work aimed at the uplift of the nomadic tribal communities by imparting basic level of education to them.In addition, the Trust also extends its support in the form of sponsorships for the various computer programs for the educational institutions like the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, which fosters the unique concept of 'learn and earn'.

Besides education, the trust is actively involved in the promotion of socio-cultural activities like music,theatre and funding of publising establishments involved in the printing of 'purposeful' literature,which would otherwise not have been commercially viable.