Know Us - Our Philosophy

'Together we can make a difference', We understand that the  child is not an isolated entity, he is what he is made by his parents' his  teachers, his peer group and the society at large and as such any positive  change in the child & through the child in the society can only happen when  we put in combined efforts towards this common goal.

We feel that the word 'Education' is very difficult to  define, as there is a vast difference between being 'Literate' and being  'Educated', our aim is to bridge this gap by providing quality education at all  levels. Education today needs to go beyond the basic of Reading, Writing and  Arithmetic's, it has to instill the right values in the child, it has to teach  the child to distinguish between right and wrong, it has to equip the child to  face the future - the very competitive world outside the school walls. Values  like respect for truth, respect for family, for our own parents and elders at  home, respect for teachers, respect for our mother land, respect for our  culture, respect for nature, respect and tolerance towards others are being lost  somewhere in our eternal quest for knowledge. These students of today should be  capable of upholding these values while pursuing their individual goals &  aspirations.

We believe that education is a life long process of searching for knowledge and our role is to instill in every  child this quest for knowledge. Our aim is to teach and help the child question  diligently and prepare him / her through creative problem solving and critical  thinking assignments to seek the right answers! The ultimate aim of an  integrated learning process is to uplift the word 'Educate' from the narrow  confines of learning different subjects & take it to a different level where  you can learn to live!