Resource Centres - Play Area for Children

Block Play Corner

Our Block Play corner is the place where children learn through hands on experience and share a sense of joy in their accomplishments. While solving structural challenges, they learn to concentrate while gaining mastery in the art of persistence, patience, and overcoming frustration. Using blocks, children can piece together shapes to create a bigger picture, whether it is a representation of something they have seen or from their imagination. Exploring with blocks also nurtures an understanding for math, science, language and dramatic play. Whether the blocks are wooden, foam, plastic, coloured, big or small our blocks will enhance your child's learning activities.


Role Play Corner

Got a child who loves to play “dress up”? A doctor or chef?" That's dramatic or role play. Through this type of play, not only does the child's imagination get a workout, but they learn how to take turns, cooperate, share and work on language development. Through role play, kids are also able to learn about functioning in the greater community. Our Role Play corner is meant for active, social activity where children can get into character and use role play to reflect on and develop their knowledge of a topic.


Reading Corner

The love for reading has so many benefits! Introducing children to literature in pre-school supports reading readiness, promotes early literacy, develops love for language and reading, promotes critical thinking skills and enhances creative and social development. Our reading corner consists of a variety of board books, picture books, early readers and provides comfortable seating which will help develop excellent reading habits in children.


Creativity Corner

For pre-schoolers, art is a process rather than a product. Providing interesting, varied, and safe mediums for an art experience creates a positive environment for children to freely express themselves. The creative space we provide is a place that the children can call their own! The children are able to access art materials at all times and are allowed to explore, combine and create in any way that they choose as they find out more about their interests and abilities. It gives children opportunities for independent art exploration.